Sign up for the V Edition of «24 Hours of Vigo»

This year a bit earlier than previous years, starting with the coming Monday, June 1st, 2018 you are able to inscribe yourself and your teams to participate in the V Edition of «24 Hours of Vigo».

To sign up please click this link (ChampionChipNorte): V Edition 24 Hours of Vigo.

CC-Norte is in Spanish, we are working on the English version. If you want us to sign you up, please send us an Email.

Some information on the subscription fees:

  • There are two prices, one for the early-bird and one for the late sign-up.
  • For the early-bird, you only need to sign up your team but you don’t need to specify the names of the team members yet.

Deadlines to sign-up

  • You can sign up from Mon, June 1st through Wed, August 15th included.
  • Limitations are: 50 individual participants and 65 teams.


  • Individual participant: June, 1st – July, 31st: 60 Euros (early-bird)
  • Individual participant: August 1st – August, 15th: 80 Euros
  • Team participation: June 1st – July 31st: 300 Euros (early-bird pre-subscription)
  • Team participation: August 1st – August 15th: 360 Euros

Please note: for the early-bird you don’t need to specify the name of the team members yet. In this case, please access «pre-inscription of a team». You only need to specify the name of the team and the name of your «captain».

CC-Norte, once the deadline for the early-bird is over, will send a reminder with a special code-number email to the captain of the team to provide the names of the team members before August 15th, 2018. To do so, please go to «inscription», fill in the code-number and list the names of the team-members. You need this code-number in order to avoid a second subscription fee.

Please note: A team has 12 members when you subscribe. In case you want to run with less participants, please send an Email to, so that they can facilitate you the corresponding form.