Conditions for registration: 

The minimum age of participation is 18 years in good enough physical condition and health to be able to face the race.

Individual, maximum amount of 50 starters.

For teams, the registration will be closed as soon as we have got 65 teams or when the register deadline date has been reached.

Categories for Teams:

  • Male
  • Female
  • Mixed (Minimum 3 women)

Number of team-members:

  • minimum of 6 participants
  • maximum of 12 participants

Registration will be made exclusively through at the following link: 24 Hours of Vigo

The link is in Spanish for the moment, we are working on the English version. Please send us an Email if you need help.

Register is open:

  • From June 1st, 2018 to August 15, 2018 included,
  • or at the limit of 50 individual runners or 65 teams.


Individual participants:

  • From June 1st to July 30th included: € 60
  • From August 1st to August 15th: € 80

Teams participation:

  • From July 1st to July 31st inclusive: € 300
  • From August 1st to August 15th: € 360

In the first period, from June 1st to July 31st, you don’t need to identify the team members yet: YOU MUST ACCESS «PRE-INSCRIPTION OF TEAMS». Only the Name of your Team and the captain is needed. Championchipnorte, ONCE THE PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE (July 31st) IS FINISHED, will send a code to the captain’s mail so that, before the registration deadline, he/she can complete all the information about the team members. FOR THAT, YOU HAVE TO REGISTER THE TEAM FOLLOWING THE REGISTRATION PROCESS AND ENTER THE CODE THAT HAS BEEN SENT TO YOU, SO THAT THE CONFIRMATION OF THE REGISTRATION DOES NOT HAVE ANY COSTS.

NOTE. The pre-registration system of teams is prepared for 12 team-members. If you want to form a team with fewer members please send an email to to enable the corresponding option.

Any question or suggestion feel free to ask us: