Team Tents

As we did in previous years, we will again have space for teams who wish to install their own tent.
In the following chart you can see the availability that exists for the installation of team tents, there are 36 slots.
The slots will be given out according to the incoming request through Please specify the slot-number you wish to use. It’s mandatory that you have registered for the race in order to request a slot for your tent.
Here are the rules and conditions for the distribution of the slots:
  • The maximum size of the tent is 3 × 3 meters.
  • This size must not be exceeded.
  • They will be asgined by order of request (through email), until completing the quota of 26, Email:
  • They must be installed before 20:30 hours on Friday, August 24th. We intend to have the whole circuit ready before midnight on the 24th.
  • There will be surveillance provided by the organisers.

For questions please contact us via Email.


Any question or suggestion feel free to ask us: